Our classmates and friends --
no longer with us, but in our memories forever. . . .
Linda Dorn
Eric Brinson
Earl Brown
Dale Cochenour
Gerry Bajak
Jack Eppley
Joanne Gilbert
James Hayes
Joseph Himes
Jay Knafelc
Stephen Kristufek
Paul Kulik
Norman Madera
Ronald Patterson
Nigel Shevchik
Thomas Sprock
Mary Kay Stefaniak
Linda Stellato
Philip Trapold
John Zajac
Nelson Shultz
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Sandra Boggs
Robert Lawrence
Larry Phillips
Sandra Wetzel
Daniel Alsko
Robert Veres
Kerry Vargon
Edward Giska
Geralyn McKee
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Thomas Stranko
Geraldine Koman
Fred Adams
Carole Hurta
Arlene Rohde
Eileen Kriger
James Huey
Linda Cruise
Obituary information (if available) for recent and past passings on Information Page
Richard Baker
Robert Lenda
Michael Hodovuns
Charles Coulter
Constance Wezorek
John Zalinski
Joe Druzisky
Ron Evans
Stan Labik
Lucille Cetto
Mary Simko
Dante Verdoni
Toni Harstwick
Sue Ann Lacher
George Volaric
Joseph Rossick
Elizabeth Otrhalik
Kathy Goetz
Norman Smallridge
Robert Borza
Nancy Taylor
Bonnie Maloney
Joann Leopardi
Harry Suttelle
Eileen Laris
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Terry Alberts
Joseph Masterson
Arnold Ponevac
Marlane Biancucci
Dorothy Cross
Ralph Vallecorsa
Lawrence Nobile
Pat Branowitzer
Edward Neiman
Carl Farrar
Peter Sarar
Helen Mowry
Andrew Zajac
Terri DeLuca
Christ Geobel
Donna Patton
Ryan Beighley
Ronald  Marsh
Andrew Mikush